Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This posting is for Red Iron Studio, a brand new blacksmithing studio run by my friend Mike Route, out of Frederick, Wisconsin. His designs definitely have an Art Nouveau aesthetic, that even reminds me a little bit of Albert Paley's earlier blacksmithing works. There is an innate sexiness about the manner in which this firm material is manipulated to look fluid and organic.

I couldn't get to the bio section of his website but I can tell you just a little bit, just from our history together. It's fair to say that metalworking runs through Mike's veins. His father is Jon Michael Route, the nationally renowned pewtersmith. Mike and I attended undergraduate together at UW-Stout, studying underneath the instruction of Ron Verdon, Susan Hunt, and Tim Alberg. After earning his BFA in Art Metal and spending about five years working in Atlanta, Georgia, he has returned to his home town to do what he does best.

I believe the pieces that he has posted on his website are brand-spanking new and are wall-pieces. He is currently accepting commissions and eager to work with architects and interior designers. If I lived in the Twin Cities Area and owned a house, you bet I'd be commissioning a project in a heart-beat.

Best of luck to you, Mike and I look forward to working on a collaboration with you in the near future.

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