Monday, March 3, 2008

Which one of these three artists needs money?...Well, all three really...

This past week, I had the pleasure of getting to know artist and photographer Timothy Briner. I can't pretend to be as inspiring, but his project focuses on his interpretation of 'America' and what that means as he continues to capture the culture of all six Booneville towns in the U.S. He started his journey in July of this past summer and has been on the road ever since, documenting interesting, unique moments, creating a window into his experiences and a taste of his interpretation of American culture.

However, if you'd just rather read his explanation, click this link: Booneville

His works and vision are truly inspiring and it's great to meet a studio artist that is enduring a long process of research, for the development of one body of work. Of course, all of this time on the road takes its toll...including financially. If you go to his website and more specifically about Booneville, he has a system of donation set up, should you like to contribute to the cause.

Good luck, Tim!

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