Monday, May 12, 2014

9 Days Left!

There's just 9 nine days left to help share and/or contribute to my Indiegogo Project! I have added two new perk levels - one at $75 for the Mustache brooch and one at $200 for the Wiggly Mustache Portrait. These new levels won't come with the book of my work and make collecting either limited edition piece a bit easier.

    "Victorian Woman with Mustache," brooch            "Wiggly Mustache Portrait No.2"

The Project:

  1. A true private work space.
  2. Comprehensive book of my work.
  3. Limited editions of mustache portraits.

The Studio. For the last seven years I’ve rented, shared, worked out of a bedroom in a house (not exactly safe now with two kids). Each move requires too much time to reorganize and reconfigure my equipment to fit the space. Currently my studio practice happens at work in a shared office space that doubles as a shared working studio. Although its proximity to my job is great it doesn’t afford me privacy to think, create, take risks all to further develop my practice.
The Book. To date I’ve been included in many books, most recently Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin, all featuring one or more pieces. However, I’ve yet to produce a comprehensive book highlighting my favorite works, successful projects and bodies of work. I’m interested in this to not only mark my accomplishments but to offer collectors, colleagues and students something affordable to share in comparison with most of my works. 
The Limited Editions. The Mustache Portrait series is my most current studio project at this time.  The creation of these two editions gives the opportunity for me to continue working in this series, exploring process and aesthetics while also providing collectors with two affordable designs. The Wiggly Mustache Portrait No.2 edition is similar to previous works, but the Victorian Woman with Mustache, brooch is my first attempt to take this series into a jewelry format. 

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