Monday, April 21, 2014

INDIEGOGO Funding Campaign!

I can't believe I have finally done it... I'm going to be building a studio at home!  And to help with that I have launched an INDIEGOGO funding campaign.  To get to the project page CLICK HERE

I think it's funny that the last post I had done in awhile ago was about moving out of the studio space I shared and into a smaller space so that I could save money towards building a studio at home!

All the details are on the project page but here's some quick highlights.  In celebration of deciding to build a home studio, I am going to put together a book featuring my work, and produce two limited editions- one a brooch and the other a small mechanical sculpture.  Here they are:
"Victorian Woman with Mustache"

"Wiggly Mustache Portrait No.2"

Indiegogo Project from Gary Schott on Vimeo.

Please share this project with anyone you may think would be interested in contributing to!

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