Saturday, October 15, 2011

tools, tools, tools...

My students at SSA call me the secret shopper of the metals dept. I'm always searching craigslist, ebay, and any other source I may come across for used but in excellent condition equipment and tools not only for the SSA metals program but also for my studio and students setting up their own work spaces. Here's one source that I'd like to share today:

Jon Michael Route is quite well known for his masterful craftsmanship working with copper, brass, aluminum, patinas, and rich surface embellishment techniques. Well, recently, I was checking out his website and I noticed that he had added a category "tool sale." It seems that Jack has decided to sell off a portion of his jewelry-making equipment including: kilns, a beautiful watchmaker/jewelers bench, acetylene and oxygen tanks, and a large casting arm (I purchased the vigor rectifier this morning), etc. These are the moments I (and I'm sure others) wait for. So, don't wait too long and take advantage of this opportunity to purchase some wonderful tools from a charming metalsmith.

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