Friday, October 14, 2011

busy weekend last week...

So, between being lazy and not being able to locate the usb thingy to download images from our point n shoot, I've "grabbed" a few images from Arthur and Jill to illustrate what a great weekend is was last week.

Well, it kicked off with Mix // Match at Alejandro Sifuente's gallery, Equinox, located in downtown San Antonio. A big "Gracias!" to all that came to the opening. Jill Palone and Laura Wood were the other two artists/jewelers that I showed with.

And then, just as the opening reception came to a close, friend and colleague, Arthur Hash arrived in San Antonio. Saturday kicked off his two, one-day workshops: Salt Water Electro Etching and Working with Adobe Illustrator to use with laser cutting/etching services. Both were a blast and I guess I became so engrossed with each that I forgot to whip out the camera and take some, I borrowed a couple that Arthur took. Anyway, together we gave a new life to an a twenty gallon tank that originally had been used for anodizing and electroforming back in the day. If I find the download usb thingy, I'll post some images of patterns/images etched. The last image, one of Arthur's 3D printed bracelets was his congratulations gift to Sarah and I for the bambino. Thanks Arthur!

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