Sunday, March 28, 2010

back at the bench...

What a great weekend! I got to flex my metalsmithing skills! Phil Reede (model maker for James Avery) gave a two-day workshop titled Mechanisms 2...part two of a series of workshops emphasizing a combination of fundamental metalsmithing/fabrication skills with mechanisms for jewelry application. Below are images of the bracelet project the students worked on this weekend.

I haven't done making my own screw since undergrad so it was great to knock this project out again. I think the students where pushed hard but for most the hard work paid off...after this technique project, fabrication moments in their ongoing projects should seem easy...just the one half of the screw (with the threading exposed) in the images below has 9 major solder seams within one square inch.

Thanks again, Phil.

Phil Reede demonstrating

bracelet technique project

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