Sunday, November 22, 2009


my first real solo show - MECHANICAL PLAYTHINGS - opens Nov 28th at Design Works, located in Galveston, TX at 2119A Postoffice Street

The opening reception will be held from 6-9Pm this coming Saturday (Nov 28)

As this is the holiday season, I assume people will be with family for Thanksgiving, but if you are near Galveston and would love to look and touch/play with some mechanical art-toys, please come by!


Barb said...

Great! Congratulations Gary!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary,

The copper box is pretty interesting. I'd like to see what you did to finish it, if you get time to post a photo or two.

Some of the mechanical objects on your site really cracked me up, particularly the obnoxiously loud martini shaker! ...but yet somehow automated coffee grinders are acceptable at 6 AM? The wobbly lumberjack was pretty authentic, we see lots of them here in Portland, especially after happy hour.

I noticed you'll be at the SNAG conference in Houston - any way you could teach a pre or post workshop on mechanisms? I realize its a little late to initiate that, but I'd be interested.

Lemme know if it happens, thanks,

Joe Diemer

Anonymous said...

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