Monday, November 16, 2009

it's been fun...

I've been so busy lately, trying to finish everything up for my solo show that opens Nov 25 at Design Works in Galveston, TX, that I haven't posted anything about the great workshops that the Metals program has hosted this term...
First, there was Renee! She was/is amazing and energetic...we had two days of fun playing with mold-making, and casting alternative materials into them. And lest we forget the flocking!
Next, I did a one day workshop showing how to emboss thin metal using the hydraulic press and making dies out of brass and mild steel wire. The students ended up with plenty of samples that they could use future pieces. I've kinda fallen in love with the quick, direct nature of the one-day workshop.
And last but not least, this past weekend, Phil Reede who is one of the designers for James Avery (Kerrville, TX) returned to the SSAC Metals Dept. to teach the first of a series of workshops about mechanisms/findings for jewelry. All students worked on finishing the sample technique project, a bracelet with an elaborate closure. It was great! The students got to hone sawing, filing, riveting, making a simple knuckle hinge, forming, soldering...everything I want them to practice with more. Phil is a great instructor, too.

Thanks go both of you!

Renee teaching

mold samples

two happy but tired instructors

embossing dies and samples

student mechansim project

Phil's demo sample



Andy from Workshopshed said...

I do like that embossing technique. One possible source of pattern would be a welder, I've seen some good examples of pattern build up over on BrownDogWelding, I think he uses TIG for that

Gary Schott said...

thanks, Andy...I'll have to check it out