Monday, September 14, 2009

a few new cut-outs...

In addition to my newest wearable playthings now being exhibited at the Society for Contemporary Craft, I also have started working again with the cut-out series...below are the three newest that can be found in the Store at SCC. Again, and for those of you who may be new to the series, the images of food are collected from actual food packaging. A new step in the process is that after I cut out their silhouette, I give each image two light coats of a polyurethane. Also, as can be seen in the backside view of the waffle pin, I have started embossing a rounded off version of the silhouette. Another additional change in the process is using aluminum sheet as the backing...besides helping these pieces remain very light in weight, I think there is a good relationship here as the percentage in which aluminum is recycled in the world is quite high and I like that aspect of these wearable objects.
backside of waffle

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