Saturday, September 12, 2009

back from PA

I'm back from visiting PA and I had a blast!

First, it was great to spend time with Sue Amendolara, Cappy Counard and their students...what wonderful people. It's a funny feeling making a transition in life, getting the opportunities to work and visit with people that not only do I show as examples of makers and their works to my students, but I was shown their work as a student as well. Truly a pleasure...not to mention the much cooler air at night vs. San Antonio right now. An additional bonus was also getting to visit Cappy's husband (Greg Gehner) and his workshop - Transit Forge. It was an odd moment when we walked into his office area and I realized that I had fallen in love with his kinetic steel sculptures from the Metalsmith Exhibition in Print, 2000 issue...small world!

And the above video is of one of the advanced student's mechanical object from my very very quick workshop about simple mechanical motion...I've fallen in love with that black matt board, too!

Secondly, it was a pleasure to meet Kate Lydon and other staff members of the Society for Contemporary Craft...they obviously work really hard and have such devotion to furthering and educating about contemporary craft makers. And listening to Gail M. Brown talk is always enlighting and inspiring about contemporary and emerging craft artists...I feel very honored to be considered amongst her grouping of promising young makers. Thank you for all the kind words that evening, Gail.

And now...back to teaching this coming week and starting more of my own works.

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