Monday, November 3, 2008

location: body

Need something to do this coming Saturday night in Austin? Well, my partner, Sarah Sudhoff and I will be the subject of a gallery talk/reception at Diverse Arts, located on 5th, next to Comal. Come on by and check out a series of photographs that Sarah did; at first glance, in this digital age, the images would most likely appear digitally constructed, however not the case. Sarah projected images onto the naked female form and then captured that process in 120 film. I have a mix of works on display...they are all wearable objects...some more wearable that others...some mechanical, some not. Included is a handful of pins/brooches from my cut-out series, as well.

So, come on for some refreshments and conversation Saturday evening, 7-10pm at Diverse Arts on E. 5th

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