Friday, October 24, 2008

If spending a day in a TX coastal town, checking out an art opening sounds like a good time to you, you're in luck! This Saturday from 5-7 pm is the opening for wood/metal/glass at the
Rockport Center for the Arts. I am one of thirteen artists participating. Come by, see the work and meet the artists.

Also, last night was the fundraising event/gala, Dia de los Muertos, at the Lawndale Art Center. My partner, Sarah Sudhoff and I participated with our first collaborative piece. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, but Sarah was able to. I was glad to hear that someone bid and collected our piece...hope it goes well with the wall color! On top of that she ran into the owners of Design Works, Steve and Elisabeth, the hosting gallery for my first solo exhibition, originally to be held next May. Their gallery, located in Galveston, survived hurricane Ike, including eight feet of water, however they lost a lot of personal items, including great library collections. Just when you think you're life is hard right now...however, they are rebuilding and they plan to have a re-opening event, celebrating their survival . Good for you!!

location: body
And finally, tomorrow morning Sarah and I are installing our two-person exhibition, location: body, hosted by Diverse Arts, here in Austin, TX. At some point we are going to have a reception/event to meet the artists, but those dates are TBA, yet. Stay tuned!

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