Saturday, September 6, 2008 feels like it's been a while since I've posted anything on here.

So, first up, yesterday, Peel Gallery had an opening...I am participating with a handful of my brooches from the cut-out series, as a number of designers/artists featured around new work by artist, Sharon Engelstein.

Unfortunately I missed the preview, but I hope to be making the opening on the 26th of September. It's a great space, well worth stopping by if you're in town.

Secondly, my partner (Sarah Sudhoff) and I have finished the first round of our little project...ok, so here it is...the working title right now is 12 x 2. Every month for a whole year we pull a word out of a jar. We both submitted six words. Each month we create something based upon that word. So, for the month of August the word was sequential.

I wouldn't say that the ultimate goal is to make masterpieces, but more of a fun creative exercise to break up our professional pursuits. Anyhoo, here's August:

Sarah gets a lot of cards from friends and family...and she keeps most of them. So, her response to the word sequential was a chronological display of the cards she has kept over the past five years or so. In an ideal installation, viewers could walk up, open the cards and read the personal messages. What becomes even more interesting, is that the cards reflect events and experiences she has endured in a chronological order...some good...some bad.

My response on the other hand, is probably pretty predictable considering my interest in mechanical works. The video makes the object pretty self explanatory. Although after having made this version, I wish I had made a version about ten times longer mounted to the wall...hmmmmm. That might have better emphasized the wave effect.

Anyhoo, the word for September is ephemeral. Stay tuned for the next pair at the end of the month!

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