Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hello readers!! Although I like to mention and feature a variety of artists/makers, especially pertaining to my obsession with kinetic works and devices, I was educated as a metalsmith and jewelry designer and that is where my heart lies and that's what I love to teach!

Just recently I read a posting on Arthur Hash's blog (way to go!! ) responding in part to one particular individual's opinion, but also in general to ongoing discussions concerning the evolution of SNAG and Metalsmith magazine...EVERYONE associated with SNAG should read that posting (click on the link above).

I think I want to stew on this for a few days before I type a thorough response, but my initial response to Arthur's posting was, "AMEN!"

I'll call it a night with this...I also think that SNAG and Metalsmith magazine are not perfect, but I never expected it to be. I go to conferences to take in information, to learn and to meet some of the most fascinating people on this planet. Sometimes I connect very well to speakers/topics...sometimes not...but I try to keep an open mind. Remember, everyone is welcome to submit topics and speakers for conferences. Especially the organization, tries to represent such a wide spectrum of the fields of metalsmithing and jewelry design and I applaud these efforts. I believe the best way to teach and educate individuals (sometimes this is the more formal relationship of teacher-student, sometimes not) is to show the whole pie...not just focus on slices. Contemporary approaches and processes are great, but we can't forget our history and traditions.

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