Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's funny that I've always felt uneasy about speaking in front of large crowds and now I'm an educator.

Anyhoo, tomorrow I will be visiting the Texas Tech University Metalsmithing/Jewelry Design Program , located in Lubbock, TX. Both Robly Glover and Nancy Slagle are the professors teaching there.

As I understand it, the School of Art has built a new building and the Metal/Jewelry program is the first to move in! Way to go, Rob! So, although I'll probably cry when I see how much more room he has than the program at SFA, I say it's not the size that matters,'s what you do with it!

But seriously, Rob's students have been and continue to do great work and I can't wait to meet with everyone get to know Rob and Nancy.

I'll post my review upon my return.

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