Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I would like to thank each person that contributed to my Indiegogo project and believing that my overall project was worth investing in. A huge THANK YOU to these people:
Arthur Hash
Liana Tomchesson
Stacey Maddock
Jennifer Fillius
Andrew Stansbury
Ann Swan
M P Smith
Gary Sudhoff
Jerry Hooker
Gwynne Rukenbrod
Melanie Sweet
Cynthia Eid
Billy Lambert
Brigitte Martin
Prazzoli Enrica
Miel Paredes
Masumi Kataoka
Steven Libert
Jan Harrell
Jennifer Chowning
Susie Sonnefeldt

Additionally, there were 3 donors who wished to remain anonymous.

These individuals, and everyone who helped spread the word, together raised $3,203.20!

So, the main reason that I've been a bit slow to start posting about my project is that we needed to finalize and now the backyard has been a crazy and will continue to be for a little longer. Here's some photos of the studio structure!

It's definitely coming along. I would whole-heartedly recommend our builder to anyone in the San Antonio area. He's thorough, and works hard! His name is Mike Long. This week it's going to get water-proofed and then we need to wait for the windows to get done. After that the siding and door. I will be doing the electrical, insulating and drywall myself so there's still plenty to do but it feels great!

Also, I've begun organizing parts for the limited editions. 

It doesn't look like much yet, but I've actually started fabricating more parts this week, so there will be plenty to show again starting next week. Also, the decal paper should be arriving soon so I better get powder coating!

Thank you again to everyone who helped push along my project and I'm excited to keep everyone up-to-date!

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