Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quick links for Interplay...

So, we've been getting quite a bit of attention for the Interplay: Mechanical Objects exhibition that I helped organize and is hosted by the Southwest School of Art.  Here is a link to a local newspaper article that ran last week:

And if you were not fortunate enough to attend the exhibition in person yet, an assistant to the gallery director put together a great, handmade catalog design for the exhibition and posted an online version here:

Check out the links and enjoy!

Also, for those of you living nearby, I'll be giving an artist talk this Saturday, Sep 29th, at 2pm.  This will take place during a 1 - 4pm open house for the Jewelry/Metals Department.  Bring a friend!

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Jung Hee Mun said...

hello Gary,

The link for the catalog has been changed.
here is the right one.

-Jung Hee