Monday, January 9, 2012

favorite tools

Helen Carnac's AJF blog posting, Maker's Tool, got me thinking about the tools I surround myself with at my studio. They are all special to me, an extension of my body really and the time commitment alone, creates deep bonds with these utilitarian objects. However, I'll mention three.

Tool #1,2
bench pin and saw frame
This bench pin is brand new and ready to create some memories with ( I love making my own bench pins). I can't think of any tool combo I use more in the studio.

Tool #3
riveting/chasing hammer
I made this hammer last year to combine the the two features I love best about a standard chasing hammer and riveting hammer to suite my needs. It looks delicate but boy does it hammer rivets and steel tools well!

I don't think making your own tools is necessary to have a fulfilling experience with your own set of tools in the studio but it does create an extra layer of meaning. I also enjoy giving life to old tools whenever possible. Not that I have a lot of spare time these days, but there's something special about bringing life back to a tool that has years-n-years of experience worn into it's surface.

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