Friday, December 3, 2010

outfitting the studio

I haven't been able to carve out a lot of time for my own studio lately, but last weekend, while organizing a bit, I decided to knock off some items on the studio set-up to-do-list :

I had a bunch of scrap sheets of wood laying around so, instead of buying an expensive caddy for my tanks, I decided to just make something. I will add handles on the ends eventually, too.

Often times while I'm in the middle of a project(s), the top of my jeweler's bench can get a bit cluttered. Also, if I'm positioning at a level for piercing (which I normally am), it's nice to have a lower surface to measure, mark, etc. So, I finally made a surface that inserts into the right hand side on the main drawer to my bench. It only takes up about one-third of the depth, so it can be slid backwards to reveal where I will now store all of my flex-shaft burs/tools.

And finally! The bench pin that normally comes with the clamp-on bench pin/anvil set is just way too narrow for me. If I'm piercing from a larger sheet, I want surface area for my hands and the sheet to rest upon. So, I made this prototype that fits perfectly. Also, with the slanted right hand end, I don't have to flip the bench pin for filing/sanding, unless for larger items.

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