Monday, April 12, 2010

Bob Ebendorf's visit

I can't emphasize enough what an honor it was to spend the last four days in the company of Bob Ebendorf. For those of you who missed other postings/announcements, Bob taught a three-day workshop pertaining to creative connections with metal and untraditional materials - we worked a lot with all manner tabs and thinking about not only how can the metal be cut and formed to trap materials but how design can blend the transition between the multiple materials.

Bob has been that individual in the metalsmithing/jewelry field who has been so influencial in observing and responding to materials for use as adornment, indiscriminant of it's social position of precious/non-precious.

I think I can speak for all those involved with the workshop, when I say, "Thank you, Bob. You are truly inspiring."

Below are a number of photos from his stay with us at the Southwest School of Art & Craft, including the little project I had students collaborate on - as a parting gift for Bob, I made a simple chain from iron wire and asked all students donate one sample to be added to the neckpiece.

Bob talking about samples from workshop

Bob's gift from the workshop participants

Beverly Penn and Nicole DesChamps-Benke stopped by for the artist talk - this is Beverly surprising Bob in the studio

Bob and I.

detail of neckpiece for Bob

the first technique that Bob lead the workshop with

my donation to Bob's neckpiece - we didn't want him to forget where it's from!

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