Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mechanical Motion workshop in Austin

Well, I think the simple mechanical motion workshop this past weekend went well. It was held at Courtney Gray's studio/Creative Side Jewelry Academy through the Austin Museum of Art. The students worked hard and came away with some interesting variations of creating a gear box while using levers, cranks, linkages and cams. Another focus for the workshop was for students to play with creating and exploring mechanical motion from simple and readily available materials like cardstock, matt board, wire, and wood...but figure out themotion first...refine the aesthetics later. Soooo, I compiled a quick video of objects created by students. Enjoy!

Oh, one of my students also gave me the website of an artist that makes large kinetic sculptures ...actually came across these works a couple years ago...they are terrific! The artist is David C. Roy.

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