Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Architecture and Jewelry



So, here's another TX-based artist...actually faculty at the Southwest School of Art and Craft as it turns out. Sarah met Chris Sauter while he was giving a lecture at Trinity University and I met him at our school's holiday party. Anyhoo, as soon as Sarah showed me his work, specifically Arena and Museum from the architecture category, I thought this is great! What I wonderful manner in which to play with the relationship between the exhibiting space and the artwork. And as Chris is interested in the relationship of architecture to the human body, I would imagine that the choice of format (bleachers, and benches) was no random decision. As I looked at the photographs of Chris's constructions referencing objects designed for human bodily interaction, take from materials of a structure designed around human interaction, I could help but think how this could have relationships to jewelry design and metalworking. Human interaction is obviously something I'm crazy about, but aside from kinetic works, even the simple design of a traditional pendant depends upon the intended interaction with the human form. Likewise, the design of a teapot or tea ball visually communicates the intended manner in which we should interact with this object. In the case of my friend and colleague, Sungyeoul Lee, one of his latest creations, Connection I, becomes not only a form designed around the human form, but becomes a new architectural element of the human body it interacts with.

Connection I

Anyhoo, maybe that all made sense but it was just a thought I had while sitting here at the Olmos Perk coffee bar.

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