Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm please that my cardboard cut-out brooches have been getting plenty of attention lately. This summer I will be exhibiting my cut-out brooches with Sam Shaw's gallery SHAW, for the exhibition Pop Culture Collision. The intent is to look at how popular culture intersects with our daily lives. Typically it is not a pretty sight, and jewelry pieces that are satirical, witty and reflective of our collective weaknesses are most desired. About seven other jewelers and myself will participate, while Robert Ebendorf and Fred Woell will be the featured jewelers. As of right now, the exhibition is scheduled to take place July 31-August 13, 2008.

Additionally, I have been asked that my cut-out brooches be exhibited in conjunction with 18K GOLD TONE: PROJECT/PRODUCT, the first exhibition and grand opening to the artist space created by Meg Drinkwater and Erin Gardner ( the Opulent Project). This exhibition will examine work that undulates between project (art) and product (commodity). The exhibition will open to the public June 5th and close sometime mid June.

In reaction to these fantastic opportunities, I spent about an hour at Walmart the other day (yes, I know...how sinful)...to collect some fresh imagery for more cut-out brooches. And while I plan to make arrangements for grocery stores to let me at their recycled food packaging, I eagerly invite anyone...anyone to participate but submitting uninterrupted food packaging imagery. If you'd like to mail me some, or even request that a specific brooch be made for you, please contact me (gary4metals@msn.com) and we'll make it happen.

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